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Personal Photography


While working with massive lithographic process cameras the size of a delivery van, I wanted to take personal pictures with a more portable camera. I bought my first 35mm camera in 1972, and the adventure began.


I moved from Miami Florida to Nashville Tennessee, and within three years I added a medium format camera and started a photography business, complete with a photo studio and a full-blown photo processing lab.


I shot album covers, weddings, and pro audio equipment for a living and took pictures of nature  for myself.


About the time digital cameras were introduced, I evolved my photography interest into software design and development. I made the switch to digital in the early nineties and never looked back.


I now shoot more for the sheer pleasure and occasionally do commercial photo work.


I now am totally addicted to digital imaging of all sorts and really enjoy "optimizing" photos for reproduction.

Xpressions Photographics


I developed an early fascination for transposing my photography into abstract lithographic art, and throughout the 1970's I pursued this style of interpreting photographic tones in bold stages and colors.


I now reside in Ormond Beach Florida, where decades after the original crude cross-media roots were established, this photographic fine art that I call Xpressions now affords me a very bold and colorful visual expression outlet.


Most of my Fine Art Xpressions can be produced as museum or gallery wraps, on glossy or matte canvas, acrylic, metal, or archival Somerset Velvet, up to 72" in size.

StillMotion Videos


I think still photography has an untapped potential in the video world. I've figured a way to choreograph still photos into an audio-visual ballet. Using high-res photos, video editing software, and some well edited audio tracks, I've discovered a whole new way to market products and services on the Internet. I call the process StillMotion.



I've learned some amazing things over a protracted career in the visual communications field. Some things I learned from formal education, but even more from personal experience, curiosity, and a thirst to understand things. The formal education part seemed unnecessarily obtuse and complicated at times. I think I actually learned more from experimentation, personal experience, asking a lot of questions and personal research.


I decided to pass this information along in a way that that was less intimidating, more interesting and  a little more entertaining.


Since my career involved a lot of public speaking, creative graphics, and professional sound, I decided to present somewhat technical information in a somewhat untechnical fashion. The result became GottaKnowVideos.

Personal Insights


I grew up in Miami Florida where I apprenticed (evenings and weekends) creative design, color, and photography while making a living in the lithography trade, all while attending Florida Bible College. It was an intense learning time in my life that prepared me to produce good work in high-pressure/deadline situations.

The pretty one on my right is my amazing wife, Barbara. She gives my life meaning. I have been very blessed. We now live in beautiful Ormand Beach Florida.

While I am passionate about the color/graphics/photography fields, I am also passionate about my personal faith. I find that this intertwined array of interests blend well in my everyday life. My faith provides a strong spiritual compass that guides my behavior and keeps me focused on delivering honorable work to the  best level of my ability. It also gives me opportunity to assist ministries and non-profits with their graphics and photographic needs,

Herb Paynter

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