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Personal Proof of Editing Effectiveness

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Haiti Castle

image copied from American Way's website

Casey Affleck

Cowboy Rides Away

Website Illustrations

On these pages you'll find three examples of adjustments made to previously printed in American Way magazine images. Page four shows improvements made to four smaller images captured from the Ink website. Please view these examples with the understanding that I did not have access to either original photos or production files. All seven images were merely screen captures from images found on the http://ink-live.com/ web page. I'd be pleased to edit the original photos for even better results

All digital images contain latent image data ready to be revealed. Additional color and tonal information can almost always be recovered... if you know where to look and know how to recover it. The image optimization process serves two purposes:

1) To improve the existing image's color, detail and clarity, and

2) To adjust each image to print clean and sharp on publication presses.

The image groups above and left are actual production images that have been optimized. The difference between attractive pictures and optimized images is that the later emotionally puts you into the scene through the intangible of depth.


The combination of tones and colors that the camera captures differs significantly from the emotional experience that a person feels when viewing the setting with their own eyes.


Human perception is a much deeper sensation than can be technically captured by a camera and reproduced by a printing press. Capturing this personal richness of tones and colors and reproducing the experience with clarity is no accident, and it can only be achieved with significant understanding of visual perception, the properties light, and the principles of reproduction. It is a very difficult thing to quantify.


When your pupils widen and your breath stills, you simply feel it. This emotional experience is the single intent and purpose behind professional image editing.