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Xplosion 2015

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This is one special group of very talented young ladies led by one dedicated and nurturing coach; Tony Gugliuzza. Tony asked me to put together a video around the lives of these ten girls showing them as members of the all-girl Lincoln Way (Chicago area) Xplosion basketball club. The girls have played together on this team for over five years and have achieved an astonishing win-loss record every year and amassed a serious string of championships. Coach Tony is not only a good basketball coach, he has proven to be an effective life coach and mentor for these girls. I was honored that he chose me to produce this video.


Contact me about producing a video for your organization. hpaynter63@gmail.com

The difference between seeing an attractive picture and viewing an image that emotionally transports you into the scene often involves the intangible quality of depth.


The combination of tones and colors that the camera captures differs significantly from the emotional experience that a person feels when viewing a setting with their own eyes. Human perception is a much deeper sensation than can be technically captured by a camera and reproduced by a printing press. Capturing this personal richness of tones and colors and reproducing the experience with clarity is no accident, and it can only be achieved with significant understanding of visual perception, the properties light, and the principles of reproduction. It is a very difficult thing to quantify. When your pupils widen and your breath stills, you simply feel it. This emotional experience is the single intent and purpose behind professional image editing.